Last modified: 10/21/2010

New Poll Website Launched For Business And Pleasure: Pollstreet.com

created www.pollstreet.com in 2010. He released the website to the public on October 21, 2010. He wanted to create a different kind of poll and survey website. Many poll sites allow unregistered users to vote in the polls. This often allows one individual to vote for the same thing over and over making the results of the poll inaccurate. Poll Street is different in that it allows only registered users to vote. Registration is free and also creating polls with an unlimited number of votes is free.

Most poll sites also only allow a set number of items to be voted on. For example, the creator of a poll asks a question such as "What is your favorite dessert?" and then he creates the answers that he can think of at the moment. He may put "Chocolate cake, pudding, strawberry shortcake, ice cream, pumpkin pie, cookies". But there may be voters that prefer desserts not listed such as "apple pie" or "tiramisu". At pollstreet.com each user can type in any answer they want. So the results are real and not limited by the ideas of the creator. Market researchers will be able to use the site effectively because a question like "What is your favorite television show?" is then not limited to a preset list of only 10 television shows.


Jeff also wanted to create a poll and survey site that would be useful to the average user doing research. For example "Jane Average User" may want to know which grocery store is the most popular in her area. So she filters the poll results by her city and other cities nearby or by her zip code. That may not be good enough though. Since she is a woman and since she is in her 40's she may also want to filter the poll results by gender and age.

"Jane Average User" may also be having a dinner party that weekend. So she may want to figure out what dish she should serve for dinner and what dish she should serve for dessert. She could add a "friends" filter to such poll questions as "What is your favorite type of meat?" and "What is your favorite dessert?" so that only her friends on pollstreet.com will show up in the poll results.

"Joe Business User" may be thinking of opening a new shoe store in town. He may want to know what brands of casual shoes are most popular in his area. So he could do a search for "Favorite casual shoe brand?" and add filters for his city and state. He may also want to find out where the competition is in his area, so he could do a search for "Favorite shoe store?" and again he could add filters to the results.

The new website www.pollstreet.com can be a quick and easy way for both average users and professionals to do research on products and services, and the results can be tailored by demographics filters.